Dog-friendly at the National Gallery of Ireland

Dogs National Gallery

It may surprise you to know that you can find dogs everywhere at the National Gallery of Ireland! Dogs are seen in family portraits and as close and trusted companions. The inclusion of dogs in these paintings perfectly conveys a tenderness and the close connection that these people have with their dogs.

The affection between the dogs and the British Royal family are clear in this painting by Irish artist Daniel Maclise painted in 1866. The full painting is below.

A spaniel watches patiently as the lady reads in a detail of this painting by another Irish artist Nicholas Crowley painted in 1846.

Robert Hunter was a well-known portrait painter in Dublin in 1775 when he painted this one including the devoted dog of Peter La Touche of Wicklow.

It still remains a mystery who this family was and who painted them in the 1770s, but we do know that they loved their dog

And finally, these last two beautiful dogs below painted by Walter Osbourne in 1892 and John Lavery 1910-13.


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