Dogs at work

Dogs at Work

Companies in the UK, in particular in the technology sector, are starting to allow people to bring their dogs to work (8% of UK employers) as the policy both attracts and retains millennial employees (aged 25-35). There are clear benefits of allowing dogs in the workplace with employees saying there is better morale (88% of people surveyed said so) and less stress (86% said so) as a result. Dogs seem to ‘help staff bond…people seem more friendly and approachable’ 7th May 2017 The Guardian Online.

On a recent trip to Prague, we were greeted by an unexpected ‘employee’ of the Prague City Tourism office in the airport at arrivals. His owner told us that she couldn’t leave him alone all day at home so he has to come to work with her. He loves it and everyone loves to have him around. It was a great welcome to the city.

In this month’s Harper’s Bizarre fashion magazine (pages 68&69) there is an article on ‘Joys of the Job’ where 12 successful women in the business and creative sectors talk about what makes them happy at work – Three of the twelve say taking their dog to work brings them the most happiness each day – they ‘make everyone smile’ - and a fourth woman said watching a fox in the garden is where she currently finds joy and peace in the workplace.