It’s a sign!

Public signage can tell a lot about the culture and attitudes of a place. I love to come across a sign that manages to get information about dogs across to the public in a positive, welcoming and inclusive way. Here are some of those signs and the places I’ve found them:I was surprised and delighted to see this sign outside a restaurant in Sitges, near Barcelona, Spain.

Spanish Dog Sign

This one, written in Spanish and Basque, was outside a bank in Bilbao, Spain. It cheerfully says: ‘I will wait for you outside’

You will always find dogs in pubs across the UK. They really add to the homely atmosphere that you find in the quintessential English pub. I saw this very polite sign inside a pub in a little village in Derbyshire.

This quirky sign is on the terrace of a restaurant in a small seaside town called La Franqui in the South of France. I like the way the message is put: ‘Our friends – the dogs must be kept on a lead’ – the cartoon makes you smile, it’s very friendly and still gets the point about the leads across well.

Finally, one found outside a bookshop in Vancouver in Canada (thanks, Peter!) –is so open, dog-friendly and welcoming – I love it!