Going out to dog-friendly places with Kobe

Packing a dog pack is very similar to getting a bag ready when you are taking a child out. When simply going for a walk all you need is a few poop bags tied on to the lead (I always bring 4 + just in case) but if you are going to a friend’s house or a dog-friendly café it’s best to go prepared.

This is what I take in a mini backpack (I bought mine in Decathalon in France for only €3! ):

  • A full water bottle
  • A fold-up water bowl
  • Anti–bacterial wipes
  • A ‘Kong’ toy filled with food or another treat
  • Plenty of Poop bags

My philosophy is ALWAYS clean up after your dog (that goes for hairs, slobber, water spills from his water bowl etc.) – you don’t want to make a nuisance of your dog and we want more cafés and places to allow dogs in so do what you can to make it a positive experience for everyone.

I am hyper–sensitive towards other people (especially children). Until I can see that they like dogs around I will be vigilant and make sure Kobe doesn’t wander over to say hello.

I give Kobe a good brush before we leave the house so that minimises any loose hairs flying around.

I sit at a table that is full height so as he won’t be tempted to have a sniff at the food and if I leave his lead loose he will generally quickly find a comfy spot near me and just have a snooze until I’m ready to go.

Be friendly to people and always move out of the way for people and buggies etc. Always be obliging and thank people for being nice and welcoming to your dog. I find that the majority of people are happy to see dogs around. I have met so many lovely people when I am with Kobe, and had great chats with them. Every time we go for a walk it is another adventure.

5 Things to Bring for your Dog Infographic